There is No Such Thing as Free Shipping

free pizza! free kittens! free shipping!

We get it. As humans, we’re wired to love free stuff.

But as a green company, we don’t believe there is such a thing as free shipping. “Free" shipping hides the real environmental and economic costs of moving stuff around the world in trucks and planes and trains with fossil fuels. Giant companies like Amazon have made free shipping the standard, and small companies have had to fall in line to stay competitive.

We’d like to let you in on a little secret - most companies are wrapping the cost of shipping into the cost of their product. They’re not just happily eating that entire cost for your privilege of your business. Keep in mind, those other companies are still charging you the same amount for shipping as we are - it’s just hidden in the price of their product.

We don’t do that. We keep our costs as low as possible and then charge the true cost of shipping (live rates via UPS Ground). And most of the time - even with the cost of shipping - we come out ahead for truly comparable products. As long as you’re comparing apples with apples - we’re talking certified compostable products - we usually have the most competitive pricing.

So, we’re just asking that you don’t write us off because we don’t offer free shipping. Give us a chance. Fill up your shopping cart. Enter your shipping address. Do the math. See how we compare. Thanks!

This particular “shopping basket” was chosen to be representative of a typical order from a small restaurant serving coffee & takeout food. These prices were found online October 4, 2016, from other green companies who are also wholesalers of compostable products. The prices reflect the lowest competitor price for a comparable (i.e. certified compostable) product and any “sales” that were current. (In the case of Greenstaurant’s hot cup, this was the cheapest hot cup + lid combo.) We tried to find the closest case sizes possible.

We chose the shipping cost to Austin because we wish we could ship ourselves there, and Ohio to Austin is about the farthest distance we would need to ship something. (Orders to the western U.S. ship from from the west coast.) If you’re closer to central Ohio than Austin, your shipping will be less. For example, UPS Ground to Cleveland would be $74.55 for a total of just $468.36.