Going Green? We'll Help!

start with the easy stuff, it all adds up...

That’s been our mantra from the beginning. We strive to make going green feel approachable and not overwhelming.

We talk to lots of people who are new to the idea of “greening” their home or their diet. That’s why we’re here! Feel free to ask us questions, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Our advice is to take things one step at a time and to set achievable goals. It’s a process. You’ll gain momentum. We might never reach our destination, but we can all be on the path together. No matter how “green” we are, we can all look back and see how we’ve changed over time, and look forward and see ways we could improve our habits.

If going green is new to you, these are some of the first few simple steps you might consider taking...

Cook more from scratch
Not only are you guaranteed to end up with healthier meals and a smaller grocery bill, but you can avoid the portion of our wasteful food system’s energy costs that goes into processing and packaging. When food is made in your own kitchen, you can easily cut out all those mystery ingredients and un-pronouncables. We can help you with all kinds of basic ingredients, from grains and beans to seasonings and spices. Maybe try one new healthy recipe a week? Or focus on the one meal of the day that’s often not as healthy as you’d like?

Simplify your cleaning regimen
All those bottles under your sink? Get rid of them! One by one, if that feels better to you, but they’re really not necessary. With just a few basic ingredients you can clean nearly anything in your house without any toxic chemicals. The top three: castile soap, baking soda, and vinegar. All can be purchased in affordable large sizes. Look for Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap from refillable jugs for a great price and use it for everything, from hand soap to mop water. Castile soap is just that - a true soap made from vegetable oils, unlike so many cleaners that are actually detergents, made from petroleum products and surfactants. As you come upon cleaning tasks, challenge yourself to look for a natural alternative for each.

Compost: Just do it.
Take the plunge. Many people are nervous to start their first compost bin, but trust us, Stuff Decomposes. You can’t go too wrong. Once you divert your organic waste from the landfill, and of course recycle all your recyclables, you’ll be amazed at just how little true “trash” you’ll make!

Bring your own coffee travel mug, Bring your own bag.
These are so easy, and also so hard. It’s just a matter of creating new habits. The shopping bags live in the car and you train yourself to take them into the store. The coffee mug goes in your daypack instead of in the back of the kitchen cupboard. With just a little bit of effort, you can live a less disposable life. The advanced course: take a to-go container with you when you go out to eat. Just say no to styrofoam.

Walk More, Bike More, Drive Less

Especially as the weather breaks, ask yourself: are there errands or outings you could do on foot or on two wheels? We are lucky enough to live in a semi-rural county that actually has great bike paths. Take advantage of them! Are there car trips you can bundle together or put off so you’re logging fewer miles? A little planning or even a little procrastination (do you really need fill-in-the-blank right now?) can make a big difference.

There, that wasn’t so painful, now was it? Let us know how it goes!